Yarm Tourist Information

The picturesque little town of Yarm in the borough of Stockton-on-Tees is known around the region as a welcoming cultural hub with splendid boutique shopping, hospitable local pubs and restaurants, and a lovely sense of history, tempting regional and international tourists alike to return again and again to enjoy a taste of the Tees Valley countryside.

Nestling between the spectacular River Tees and the smaller River Leven, Yarm was once the main port of call along the Tees, and was home to some of the best artisans and craftsmen in the region. Now, this wonderful small town offers visitors an old world charm unlikely to be found anywhere else.

Wander along one of the widest cobbled high streets in the nation, the highlight of which is the elegant Dutch-style Town Hall, or take a turn down the secluded wynds leading to the river for that romantic riverside stroll, where you will encounter the impressive Yarm Viaduct, constructed in 1848. Without any assistance from modern machines, this 760-yard long structure was constructed using just horses, pulleys and manpower, and took a mere four years to complete, a veritable feat of engineering.

Lovers of old architecture will be delighted by the sight of the old Methodist Church, inaugurated by the legendary John Wesley in the 1700s and said to be one of the finest buildings in England by the man himself.  The George and Dragon, the historic pub where the founders of the first passenger railway met to discuss their ideas, is also one of the key features of the town, and is still open for business to this very day.

The annual Yarm Fair is a popular event in the region, where locals and tourists mingle amongst the hustle and bustle of people and the screams of joy from children on carnival rides.

Although small, Yarm is a Tees Valley town bursting with character and history, and remains today a fantastic tourist destination, with easy transport links to the larger towns of Middlesbrough and Stockton nearby.

Things to see and do around Yarm:

The George and Dragon Pub
Yarm Fair
Yarm Methodist Church
Yarm Town Hall
Yarm Viaduct