Stockton Tourist Information

Stockton-on-Tees, or Stockton as it is more commonly known, has for many centuries existed as a lively market town in the heart of the arresting Tees Valley. Today, shaped largely by its industrial and maritime heritage, Stockton remains a vibrant town with a diverse and dynamic community, making it a fantastic destination for urban tourists.  

Any discerning, cosmopolitan traveller will delight in the combination of relaxation and entertainment to be had in this modern town, just minutes away from the serenity of the countryside. Eager shoppers will relish the many shopping opportunities presented at Castlegate Centre, Wellington Square Shopping Centre and Teesside Retail Park, whilst their younger children are entertained in a safe environment in one of Stockton’s many soft play centres including Crazy Corner and Fun City, complete with ball pools, swing ropes and slides to guarantee a fun-filled and educational experience.

Unbeknownst to some visitors, a more attraction-based holiday is also available in this bustling North-East town, with the impressive Preston Hall Museum and Park, filled with intricate exhibits narrating the story of Stockton’s wide-ranging history, and the beautiful Ropner Park, a splendid, restored Victorian park, providing an insight into life in the region. Perhaps most notable is the HM Bark Endeavour, a grand, full-sized replication of Captain James Cook’s original vessel, berthed in Stockton on the appealing River Tees.

Lovers of music and entertainment are bound to find all that they are seeking in Stockton, host to some of the most exciting annual events in the region. Europe’s grandest free-of-charge open-air festival, the Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF), is held yearly in Stockton, a five day event that encompasses street entertainment, music and dance and even a circus, a definite must-see if visiting during the summer months. The Stockton Riverside Fringe Festival, a smaller music festival geared towards the younger population, is also held during the summer, a fond favourite with local musicians. If visiting at other times, Stockton’s Georgian Theatre and ARC are both venues that host a variety of performances and events, including many internationally renowned acts that are sure to capture your attention.

Stockton’s excellent location also allows for a great walking holiday, with the tranquil Wynward Woodland Park and Honey Potts Wood providing soothing, pleasant environments near to town itself for a nice long walk with the family or dogs. Alternatively, Billingham Beck Valley Country Park, located within the borough, offers over a hundred acres of meadows and wetland for you to explore, and is a marvellous site for wildlife watching.

Interesting fact:
The Stockton-to-Darlington railway line was home to the first ever passenger train, the Locomotion No. 1, which went on its maiden journey in 1825.

Things to see and do around Stockton:

Billingham Beck Country Park
Bishopton Lake and Windsurfing Centre
Butterfly World Ltd
Castlegate Quay Watersports Centre
Castlegate Shopping Centre
Crazy Corner
Fun City
Georgian Theatre
HM Bark Endeavour
Honey Potts Wood
Preston Hall Museum and Gardens
Ropner Park
Stockton International Riverside Festival
Stockton Riverside Fringe Festival
Teesside Retail Park
Wellington Square Shopping Centre
Wynward Woodland Park