Sedgefield Tourist Information

The charming village of Sedgefield dates back to Norman times, but is believed to have existed prior to that as a Roman settlement, making Sedgefield one of the most interesting and appealing small country town destinations for lovers of history, with the entirety of the town centre designated as a conservation area.

The most striking feature of Sedgefield’s village green is St. Edmund’s Church, a 13th century building with an impressive 15th century tower, visible from the edges of the village and beyond. Around the church are intriguing highlights such as the Lychgate, constructed as a memorial to an esteemed old couple in the village, and the War Memorial, built after World War I and reviewed after World War II, all coming together to form an impression of a tight-knit, loving village community that has endured through the ages.

Following the Sedgefield Heritage Trail, an approximately two-mile walk around Sedgefield, visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the wealth of history to be found in such a small town, from Cross Hill where the village market was held from 1312 to the early 20th century, to the 19th century Parish Hall and the celebrated Manor House, a stunning exemplar of Queen Anne architecture.

Slightly beyond the village centre is the splendid Hardwick Hall, a beautiful 18th century building which has seen many different uses over the years, including a maternity hospital, a wartime ‘Bevin Boys’ centre, and presently, a luxurious 4-star graded hotel. Hardwick Park, recently restored as a public country park with a tranquil lake stretching over 17-acres, is the perfect spot to lay back and relax while taking in the lovely country views all around.

Needless to say, a trip to Sedgefield is never quite complete without a stop at Sedgefield Racecourse, the only racecourse in County Durham. Used for national thoroughbred racing and hosting many other events throughout the year, the racecourse also boasts its own bistro, restaurant and bar to cater for hungry visitors.

Once the home of ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, Sedgefield has been host to dignitaries from all over the world, and continues to welcome visitors from all walks of life to experience a unique country town atmosphere that will make one feel instantly at home.

Interesting fact: Famous for the restorative qualities of its water, Sedgefield was once known as the ‘Montpellier of the North’.

Things to see and do around Sedgefield:

Ceddesfeld Hall
Farmers’ Market (every second Sunday of the month)
Hardwick Hall
Hardwick Park
Manor House
Parish Hall
Sedgefield Heritage Trail
Sedgefield War Memorial
Sedgefield Racecourse
St. Edmund’s Church
Town Wall