Otterburn Tourist Information

At the heart of the Redesdale Valley lies the charming village of Otterburn, a quiet and picturesque little settlement with a rich and intense history. A fond favourite with tourists looking for a peaceful rural retreat, Otterburn’s small but spirited community provides a friendly environment for a long countryside holiday or a short weekend away.

On the outskirts of this quaint little village lies the site of the well-known Battle of Otterburn, a bloody skirmish that occurred in 1388 as part of the persistent border warfare between England and Scotland. Today, the battle site appears much like it did in those years, an expanse of grassland surrounded by shrubbery, with a cross and information boards marking the site of combat.

Other unique attractions around the area include Otterburn Mill, a museum showcasing the illustrious weaving and wool milling history of the Redesdale Valley, and the Otterburn Ranges Training Area, a 23,000 hectare-wide military training ground set in the glorious Northumberland moorland that houses some of the richest archaeological landscapes in the North of England. Several public footpaths in the ranges are open to the public, making for an excellent walking trail, with beautiful views and abundant wildlife all around.

Walkers and equestrians will greatly enjoy their time in Otterburn, with the gently sloping Otterburn Village Trail and the Girsonfield Riding Routes providing the perfect day out in the sunshine. If you’re searching for something a bit further afield, where you can feel completely surrounded by the breathtaking Northumbrian countryside, visit Redesdale Riding Centre, a mere fifteen miles from Carter Bar, near Otterburn. Welcoming riders of all ages and abilities, this lovely centre is a great stop for families with children and animal lovers.

For a truly authentic Otterburn experience, visit the village in the summertime, when you could catch the annual Otterburn Festival, a family festival with a difference, celebrating the country life with vintage farm machinery displays, local crafts stalls and flower arrangement demonstrations. This unique celebration is sure to leave you with some lasting memories of your time in the village, and you may even end up going home with memories of some fantastic new friends!

Interesting fact: Named after the village, the Otterburn Rug, or a “bull’s lug”, a heavy-duty rug meant to keep you warm during an extended coach journey in Victorian times, was popular with the Royal Family, and one such rug was once used to keep our present Queen snug inside her pram.

Things to see and do around Otterburn:

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Girsonfield Riding Routes
Otterburn Festival
Otterburn Mill
Otterburn Ranges Training Area
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