Kielder Tourist Information

A little village originally constructed in the 18th century around Kielder Castle, the hunting lodge of the Duke of Northumberland, Kielder is located just three miles from the Scottish border and offers an unbeatable experience of the Northumbrian countryside, far removed from the hustle and bustle of urban living.

Kielder’s most significant attraction is the Kielder Water and Forest Park, a park boasting Northern Europe’s largest man-made lake and England’s most extensive forest, drawing visitors from all around the country and the rest of the world. Whether you’re seeking a rejuvenating retreat surrounded by tranquility and greenery, or looking for thrills in the rugged outdoors, Kielder Water and Forest Park’s six hundred square kilometres of woodland and twenty-seven miles of scenic shoreline promises a fantastic holiday experience.

Perfect for walking and hiking holidays, the park boasts its very own multi-user trail, the Lakeside Way, allowing walkers, equestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users alike to enjoy the breathtaking beauty and teeming wildlife of Kielder Water. Bike hire is readily available within the park from Purple Mountain and The Bike Place, making your trip all that much more convenient.

For the more adventurous at heart, the rugged landscape of Kielder Forest offers the perfect setting for exhilarating mountain biking trips, with thrilling single-track trails like the challenging Deadwater Trails, the 17 kilometre long Lonesome Pine Trail and the Bloody Bush Trail just waiting for you to explore. If you’re still uncertain about your mountain biking skills, you can even stop by Castlewood Skills Training Loop at Kielder Castle or the MTB Trails Park, where you can test your mettle against shorter routes before braving the great outdoors.

If you’re more in your element in the water than on land, there are seasonal water activities available on site to entertain you, including canoeing, sailing and water-skiing, all organized through private professional clubs. You could even bring along your very own boat!

If that still fails to excite you, the thrilling adventure activities that await at Calvert Trust Kielder are sure to set your heart pounding. With everything from archery to abseiling and rock-climbing to zipwires, this complex guarantees an invigorating day out for the whole family.

End off your day in Kielder with a long-awaited visit to Kielder Observatory, part of the art and architecture programme at the park that has introduced over twenty stunning pieces of public art into the park’s grounds. A perfect stop for star gazers and nature lovers, the Observatory affords unforgettable views of Kielder Water and the glorious Kielder night sky, reputedly the clearest night sky in England.

Interesting fact:
The largest man-made lake in Northern Europe, Kielder Water contains so much water that if this were to be distributed to everyone on the entire planet, each person would receive seven whole gallons. Wow!

Things to see and do around Kielder:

Bakethin Nature Reserve
The Bike Place
Bloody Bush Trail
Calvert Trust Kielder
Castlewood Skills Training Loop
Deadwater Trail
Grey’s Pike
Lakeside Way
Lonesome Pine Trail
MTB Trails Park
Kielder Area Horse Trails (KAHT)
Kielder Castle
Kielder Forest
Kielder Observatory
Kielder Water
Kielder Water Sailing Club
Silvas Capitalis
“Up and Over” Black Grade Trail