Hexham Tourist Information

Designated as ‘England’s Favourite Market Town’ by Country Life magazine, this lovely Northumbrian town has been welcoming visitors from far and wide for many years. Lying at the heart of the picturesque Tyne Valley, Hexham is the region’s largest town and boasts a fantastic range of activities, attractions and accommodation for the modern tourist.

At the cultural centre of this centrally located town is the renowned Hexham Abbey, originally constructed in the 7th century by St. Wilfrid himself. This historic site has been home to a religious building for over thirteen centuries, and currently stands as a splendid example of 12th century religious architecture. The Abbey Grounds, a town park situated behind the abbey, contains ruins from the old monastery, and is home to a bowling green and other leisure facilities that appeal to locals and visitors alike.

Hexham’s most celebrated museum, the Hexham Old Gaol, offers a thrilling insight into the medieval judicial system, with interactive displays on local armour, archaeology and costumes that are both educational and entertaining. Also home to the Butler collection of books and music and the Tynedale Resource Centre, the old gaol is a veritable treasure trove of historic artefacts ready to be discovered and explored.

For a winning combination between the old and the new, visit the Hexham Moot Hall and Gallery, a gallery showcasing work from local artists and craftspeople and housed in the atmospheric basement of a 15th century building, or the popular Queen’s Hall Arts Centre and Gallery, contained in a stately Grade II listed building.

Voted the best farmers’ market in the North in 2008 and among the top 12 in the country by the Times Online website, Hexham Farmers’ Market is the perfect place to delight in the amazing variety of local produce, including home-baked local breads, quality cooked and fresh meats and organic seasonal fruit and vegetables. Or if you’d rather spend the day out in the sunshine, why not take a trip to the premier Hexham Golf Club or the outstanding Hexham Racecourse, where you can not only enjoy the excitement of horse racing but also superb views of the countryside. For avid anglers, the local Tyne Rivers Trust provides a wealth of information on river levels and fishing points in the Tyne catchment area.

If wanting to appreciate the attractive country views but unwilling to venture too far out of town, visitors can take a stroll down to Tyne Green Country Park, a wooded park with ample child-friendly facilities set in a pretty riverside location.

No matter what it is you’re looking for in a country holiday, this bustling market town is sure to satisfy your every desire, giving you that sensational Easter, Christmas or summer vacation to remember.

Interesting fact:
Hexham Old Gaol is the oldest purpose-built prison in England, and was used as a jailhouse for approximately five whole centuries!

Things to see and do around Hexham:

Hexham Abbey and grounds
Hexham Farmers’ Market
Hexham Golf Club
Hexham Moot Hall and Gallery
Hexham Racecourse
Hexham Old Gaol
Queen’s Hall Art Centre
Tynedale Resource Centre
Tyne Green Country Park
Tyne Rivers Trust