Hartlepool Tourist Information

Originally comprised of two separate towns, the historic ‘Headland’ and the more recent ‘West Hartlepool’, what we know now as the enchanting maritime town of Hartlepool was formed in 1967 and has been a popular regional travel and shopping destination ever since.

Shaped by its history as a vital seaport in the North of England, Hartlepool has preserved a strong fishing and naval heritage, and this is evident in the many riveting nautical attractions in the area. Most notable of all is perhaps the award-winning Hartlepool Historic Quay, an authentic reproduction of a seaport during the 18th century, complete with the berthed HMS Trincomalee, Britain’s oldest warship still afloat, lovingly restored and relaunched in 2001. All part of the Hartlepool Maritime Experience, these premier attractions draw in visitors year after year, providing that rare taste of life on board a 200-year-old Naval Frigate.

Just seconds away is the Museum of Hartlepool, with exhibits tracing the history of this exciting town all the way from the prehistoric era to this very day. With interactive displays, carefully constructed models and a restored paddle-steamer, the PSS Wingfield Castle, this attraction will prove both fun and educational, and is a great treat for visitors of all ages.

Tied to the rise of Christianity in Britain, the Headland was once known as a designated holy site, and the historic St. Hilda’s Church in the centre of Hartlepool still reflects that long-standing religious tradition, continuing to welcome visitors and acting as one of the town’s community centres. Another local community hub can also be found in Hartlepool Art Gallery, set in the premises of an elegant Victorian church and showcasing works from the best local talents.

Stroll along the promenade from Hartlepool’s modern Marina complex to the resort of Seaton Carew, with its stretches of golden beaches and rock pools, an ever-popular destination for families and couples seeking a sunny seaside retreat. If a shopping holiday is more to your tastes, Hartlepool is also home to the third largest shopping centre in the North-East of England, the wonderful Middleton Grange Shopping Centre, containing over a hundred different shops for your browsing pleasure. Anchor Retail Park and Highlight Retail Park at the Marina, in addition, provides the ideal outdoor shopping plaza, with supermarkets, shops and eateries to ensure all your needs are met.

Interesting fact: The town of Hartlepool is renowned for purportedly executing a monkey during the Napoleonic era, which, as the sole survivor of a French warship wreck off the coast, was dressed in French military uniform and mistaken as a Frenchman.

Things to see and do around Hartlepool:

Anchor Retail Park
Church Street
Hartlepool Art Gallery
Hartlepool Historic Quay
Hartlepool Marina
Hartlepool Maritime Experience
Highlight Retail Park
HMS Trincomalee
Middleton Grange Shopping Centre
Museum of Hartlepool
Navigation Point
RSPB Saltholme
Seaton Carew
St Hilda’s Church