Corbridge Tourist Information

Located approximately eighteen miles west of Newcastle and four miles east of Hexham, the village of Corbridge is a little settlement simply bursting with local spirit and historical character. Known around the area for its exceptional main-street boutiques and its old-fashioned shops tucked away in the centre of the village, Corbridge is a unique combination of the old and the new that never fails to delight the modern tourist.

Built up around the ancient Roman site of Corstopitum, this thriving town was originally used as a supply town for soldiers along Hadrian’s Wall, gradually becoming one of the richest towns in Northumberland in the 13th century. Today, much of its medieval heritage is evidenced in its ancient street plans and the Saxon St. Andrews Church that is a key feature in the village centre.

Visitors can relive the village’s exciting history by visiting Corstopitum itself, which features a comprehensively excavated fountain house, granaries and an extensive walled military compound containing everything from the barracks to an underground strongroom. Passing through the middle of the site is the Stanegate Roman Road, predating even Hadrian’s Wall and a fond favourite of tourists, open for the public to traverse.

The 13th century St. Andrews Church showcases impressive lancet windows and a beautiful Roman arch to its baptistery, and remains till today host to an active local parish. The tumultuous raids and wars along the Scottish border led to the construction of a Vicar’s Pele Tower in the 14th century, located in the churchyard itself, and visible from the village centre, adding that unique touch to what would be a traditional village church.

If you’re journeying towards Hexham, stop by Dilston Castle and Chapel, located within the grounds of Dilston College. Maintained by the North Pennines Heritage Trust, this lovely historical building has its very own private car park, and is situated amongst scenic grounds, perfect for a family day out. While in Dilston, why not visit Dilston Physic Garden? An ideal stop for avid gardeners or enthusiasts of herbal medicine, this curious garden is home to more than six hundred medicinal plants, and might even inspire the more skeptical among us to attempt some herbal remedies ourselves!

With its vibrant local community and its quaint village centre, Corbridge is an ideal destination for anyone seeking that quiet country getaway with an added touch of character. Who knows? You might even squeeze in a spot of shopping.

Interesting fact:
Corbridge was the most northerly town in the Roman Empire.

Things to see and do around Corbridge:

Corbridge Bridge
Dilston Castle and Chapel
Dilston Physic Garden
Northumberland County Show
St Andrew’s Church
St Wilfrid’s Church
Stanegate Roman Road
Vicar’s Pele Tower