Bellingham Tourist Information

Widely recognised as the gateway to the Kielder Water and Forest Park, the charming village of Bellingham is located a mere nine miles from the aforementioned famous woodland park and reservoir, and just twelve miles from the historic Hadrian’s Wall, making it an excellent base for exploring Northumberland’s most significant tourist attractions.

Situated less than half an hour away from the market town of Hexham and only slightly farther from the buzzing city of Newcastle, Bellingham is well-placed to allow visitors an experience of both rural and urban attractions, and boasts several of its own right there within the village.

The Bellingham Heritage Centre, reopened by Lord Redesdale in 2003, contains a varied selection of exhibits relating Bellingham’s rich industrial, agricultural and cultural heritage, and has been lauded by the Tynedale Visitor 2010 as “the best little museum you will ever experience”, making it a must-see for visitors to the area.

Vacationers will love exploring the bastle houses in the area, including Black Middens Bastle House, a 16th century stone-built farmhouse which afforded security to reivers and farmers during the tumultuous border wars.

Lying on the north bank of the North Tyne river, by Hareshaw Burn, Bellingham also has much to offer in terms of a countryside retreat, with plenty of activities to occupy your time and rejuvenate your senses.

As a result of its proximity to the river, Bellingham is a popular destination for fishing groups, especially in salmon season when one can literally spy the wild salmon leaping from the riverbanks where the Rede and Tyne rivers come together. Also favoured by lovers of more energetic pastimes, Bellingham is situated along the Pennine Way trail, and is a great stopping point for walkers and cyclists. Walkers and hikers enjoy venturing just outside of the village to the beautiful Hareshaw Linn, a stunning 30-foot waterfall at the end of a scenic two and a half mile walk through the Northumbrian countryside.

Home to a small but thriving local community, Bellingham, as a village, has plenty of spirit, and has recently seen the return of the Bellingham Music Festival, featuring local music and art. A café, several pubs and a friendly family-run hotel offer several accommodation and dining options.

Interesting fact: Buried in the yard of Bellingham’s parish church of St. Cuthbert is a man simply known as the ‘Long Pack’, a significant part of Northumbrian folklore. The story goes that this man was a burglar who had hidden in a beggar’s pack in order to gain entrance to a local house, only to be discovered and stabbed fatally by the house’s owner.

Things to see and do around Bellingham:

Bellingham Heritage Centre
Bellingham Music Festival
Black Middens Bastle House
Church of St Cuthbert
Hareshaw Linn
Hadrian’s Wall
Kielder Water and Forest Park
Pennine Way